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Sandra Ingerman: The Power of Ceremony

Sandra Ingerman is an award-winning author and internationally recognized teacher of shamanism and ceremony. Sandra will soon join many other leading shamanic teachers—including don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Luisah Teish, and José Luis Stevens—for Year of Ceremony, a Sounds True-hosted online gathering that will take place each full moon for the next 13 months. Intended to form an international community devoted to the power of ceremony, each gathering will highlight different shamanic concepts, rituals, and diverse traditions. In this episode of Insights at the Edge, Tami Simon speaks with Sandra Ingerman about the preparations essential for and the role intention plays in an effective ceremony. They also discuss the advantages of calling in the aid of the primal elements and their invaluable role in ceremonies of transformation. Finally, Sandra shares stories of some of the most powerful ceremonies she has presided over—as well as the pitfalls that can impede shamanic practice.
(60 minutes)

The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition

don Oscar Miro-Quesada is a shamanic healer, teacher, and the originator of the Pachakuti Mesa tradition of cross-cultural shamanism. With Sounds True, don Oscar Miro-Quesada has created a new audio program called Healing Light: An Apprenticeship in Peruvian Shamanism. In this episode of Insights at the Edge, don Oscar and Tami Simon speak on the practice of Peruvian curanderismo in the modern world. They discuss the importance of creating a personalized altar space and how doing so creates the best possible environment for shamanic journeying. Finally, don Oscar and Tami talk about the relationship between shamanism and contemporary psychology, as well as what the Pachakuti Mesa tradition says about this critical moment in history. (80 minutes)